What Is It About Koa Rings That Makes Them so Special?

October 30, 2020

What Is It About Koa Rings That Makes Them so Special?

Koa Wood Is a "Precious" Wood

The Koa tree is a large, beautiful flowering tree endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Its name, in Hawaiian, means "warrior" but it can also mean "bold" or "without fear". It is the second most common tree in Hawaii, but because it grows only in Hawaii, it is rare in the world. Koa is a durable, shock-absorbent, crush-resistant hardwood that owes much of its strength to its interlocking grain. Despite their strength, Koa trees usually live for just 80 to 150 years. Koa craftsmen are permitted to harvest Koa wood from only fallen dead Koa trees; the appearance of Koa in fine jewelry is rarer than that of precious metals.

The Rings Derive Their Beauty From the Koa Wood

Koa grain has a unique and beautiful reddish-brown color that occasionally has hues of black or gold running throughout it. The wood also possesses chatoyancy that can't be matched by any other wood in the world. Chatoyancy is a term that describes the wood's ability to vary its color as it is viewed at different angles or under different lights, like the effect one sees when observing a wet polished plank of mahogany.

Specialized Craftsmanship

Rings containing Koa wood are utterly unique works of art handcrafted by master craftsmen who know how to draw out its full beauty. Craftsmen often coat the wood in resin to give it added protection and leave it with a clean and polished look. Craftsmen can usually inlay the wooden Koa part of the ring into ceramic, titanium, tungsten, or even precious metals like gold or silver for added strength, contrast, and beauty. Depending on the craftsman and the desires of the customer, polished stones may also be added to the ring. The finished product can be incredible to behold with its owners knowing that they own something of great beauty, value, and of which no other copy exists in the world. Upon witnessing a professionally, finished product, it becomes clear that such an item is more than fitting to bestow as a gift to a cherished, special, one-of-a-kind, loved one or friend.

The Kealohi Collection

At the Kealohi Collection, we have lots of experience crafting fine customized Koa based rings. Contact us to discuss jewelry ideas or make requests for rings for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and any other special occasions or events. Visit us at the Kealohi Collection to discover that special piece of paradise waiting for you.

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